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Welcome to the ” ” platform, which offers all the beauty, daily care, and products of everyday life for women.

The terms of use of the ” ” platform define the agreement between you as a user and ” “, and control your use of the products and services we offer you through our website and applications.

This Agreement also provides information that is important to you, including information about your compliance with your content, the limits of our responsibility to you, your consent to resolve any dispute by an individual arbitration, and the waiver of the right to participate in a class action.

The working mechanism of ” “:

Registration: ●

If you register with us, you agree to provide us with accurate information and constantly updated to ensure that it is accurate. At ” “, we treat your personal information when you register on the site in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and you can register in ” ” using the Third Party Service (e.g. Registering using Facebook), authorizing us to enter, store and use your information from this entity as permitted by that service, as described in our Privacy Policy. If you believe someone has hacked into your account or misused your account, please contact ” ” customer service immediately.

Privacy Policy: ●

You can access our privacy policy on the site at any time. By accessing the ” ” platform, you agree to accept what is stated in our Privacy Policy, regardless of whether you are registered with us or not.

  • Termination:

The ” “Platform has the right to suspend your use of the site or to terminate the service at any time and for any reason without notifying you of it, or to assume any sole liability to you, as we may terminate your ” ” account at any time and for any reason, including in violation of any of our site policies.

General terms and conditions

1- Members are approved to be communicated with them via e-mail or through promotional advertisements on the site and the member agrees that all agreements, advertisements, and data with them electronically are similar to writing in all legal needs.

2- During the membership period,  ” ” will send marketing emails to inform members of any changes, procedures, or any new marketing activities that are added to the site.

3- The member agrees to any amendment to the user agreement that doubles his obligations or diminishes his rights in accordance with the amendments made to the user agreement

4- ” ” has the right to make any basic or subsidiary amendments to the user agreement without the additional consent of the member and reminded at any time by posting an announcement of the amendment on the site

5- Membership on the site is free

Terms of sale:

We acknowledge and agree that ” ” is a website to sell products and buyers to buy these products taking into account the following in the sales:

Selling at the same price as the product listed in the product list.

The price is inclusive of all types of taxes applicable in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Delivery, shipping, administrative fees, and the cost of insurance will be paid by the buyer, provided that these fees are clear on the product list.

The products must match the description in the product list and match the description listed around the product so that their quality will be satisfied with the customer.

”  ” undertakes that it has the right to sell the products with its legal ownership as it is the sole beneficiary of the products and is not subject to any rights or third parties.

”  ” undertakes to refrain from making any advertisement or misleading information about the products or not conforming to their description.

The shipping date is determined during the agreement on the sale and the sale may be canceled well in advance of the start of the shipment, stating the reason for the cancellation and in case of exceeding the shipping date, the customer may not cancel the sale.

”  ” pledges that all the products for sale are intact and flawless, all of which are new and not used.

”  ” products comply with applicable quality and safety standards.

Payment methods:

Extradition provisions:

1- The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the data mentioned about the date and place of delivery and the inaccuracy in that data the customer carries the cost of shipping and delivery

2- The product is thoroughly checked and its quality is confirmed upon receipt

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